One year anniversary of my first ever blog post!! 

Being a heroin addict….my brutal truth. –


5 thoughts on “One year anniversary of my first ever blog post!! 

  1. Can relate to your story… lost my GF and one of my best friends for 12 years in june of last year. Thanks for sharing good to know i’m not the only one going through it.


  2. My 3 years is was just yesterday on the 24t, February. Lost so many people to this shit. My best friend in the entire world… Ryan my sweet crazy Ryan. Anyway fuck heroin.


  3. My best friend is in prison right now 😦 someone i look at as my little sister..i cant talk to her when i want or see her everyday anymore. Your story has kinda made me understand her reasoning for using heroin a little better than i did. My brother, who is also in prison…he was an addict as well. I have always wanted to understand why, and what it was like…an why they “liked” it so much. An your blog has helped me with that. So thank you. And even tho i dont know you, just know you have people out here that are complete strangers rooting for you 😉


  4. Yur blogs are truly motivating to someone who is battling addictions or knows someone battling. Im in the withdrawal fights nw w opiates bt i tell myself i cn do it w.o rehab & hoping to see myself away frm these demons tht i battle everyday, while i watch it constantly destroy my life & keep me stuck at the same time.


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