I loved you to death and I love you beyond it 

To the boy I spent years trying to save but couldn’t & for anyone who has ever lost an addict, 

I loved you too much for my own good. I spent nights awake staring at my phone with heavy eyes, praying the reason you hadn’t come home or called in days was for any other reason than you were dead. I sat in the bathroom during school calling every jail in the city hoping you were at one of them because honestly, I loved when you spent a day or two in jail. At least I knew where you were and that you were alive. I spent hours driving aimlessly around St. Louis going to any place you might have snuck away too, calling every one of dealers figuring out when the last time you copped was and stalking any move you might have made on facebook. I would scream and cry, begging whatever god is out there to keep you alive. There were times I got hopeless, there were times I was ready to call it. But you’d always come strolling in with dirty clothes and a shattered phone. You’d always have some crazy story of where you had been and I wouldn’t even care because you were alive and I was good with that. 

When I moved away to Colorado for college, I had never felt so helpless. You were a thousand miles away so when you would disappear, I had to send my friends out looking for you. I had to sit there, rocking back and forth, shooting up every half hour because that was the only way I could stomach your absence.

When we finally went to rehab, I knew you were going just to get me off the streets. I knew you didn’t want to be there. You sent me the most heartbreaking letters while you were in there, the last one saying that you were leaving. You never actually did but I didn’t know that, I was just as locked up as you were so until I could talk to my parents who confirmed you never left, I was absolutely losing my shit. 

Two days before you overdosed, we sat on the phone til 5am like usual. You were tired. You were done. You knew it was over and so did I. I bawled my eyes out, begging you not to get high because we both knew you’d die, begging you to be careful because I knew you weren’t. I bribed you with kids like I had been for a while, promising you them as soon as we could both stay sober. I told you Valentine’s Day. You were supposed to take the train to see me and although I knew the idea of a kid wouldn’t keep you from relapsing for forever, I was hoping it would delay the process. 

I’m sitting here smiling at this all now. We were so young and so fucked up but all we wanted was to get married and have kids. All we wanted was to somehow figure out how to have a life together. We said forever and always and actually meant it. 

It’s been over a year since you’ve died and let me tell you, that was the darkest year of my life. But somewhere in the depths of all the pain I put myself through after you died, I found a whole world of light that I never knew existed. I used to say you took a part of me when you died but I don’t agree with that anymore. I think I took a part of you. While we were together, you showed me a whole new way to look at the world but I pushed it all off. You tried so hard to turn my angry ass into a flowerchild and it didn’t work then but baby, you would be so proud now.

The energy I put into saving you when you didn’t want to be saved almost killed me many, many times but who am I kidding, I would have died for you in a heartbeat. I loved you to death and I love you beyond it. Forever and always, kid. 

My perspective on loving and losing an addict is different than the usual because I was in active addiction right along side him.  The thing about his addiction and mine was that they were in completely different phases. I got into dope much later than he did so for the first year of me toying around with heroin, he was already in full blown addiction. By the second year I was all caught up with him and by the third, he was dead. I mean, how do you even go about fighting for someone who isn’t fighting for themselves? Better question, how do you fight for someones life while they play russian roulette with a needle every 30 minutes? I asked myself this shit a lot. I put up with way too much shit, let way too much slide, and let someone else’s problem control me because I simply couldn’t let go. I couldn’t stop fighting. Fast forward a year and my family was going through the same thing with me. 

Loving an addict is the furthest thing from easy. Addiction is probably worse on the loved ones than it is on the addict. If you want advice coming from someone who’s lost an addict and who is also a recovering addict, don’t stop fighting for them but don’t enable them. Enabling them is killing them. If they’re mad at you, you’re doing the right thing. If an addict is happy, you’re probably giving them what they want. Set boundaries. You have your own life and your own needs, dont forget about yourself in the midst of all the chaos. After all, dealing with an addict is so mentally exhausting. You can’t take care of anyone else until you’ve taken care of you first. And most importantly, you can’t force anything. I know how frustrating and agonizing that is but trust me on this. True recovery won’t happen until it comes from the individual themselves. They have to go through enough pain to want it to stop. I know that sucks and I wish I had better advice but just love them to death and love them beyond that. 



22 thoughts on “I loved you to death and I love you beyond it 

  1. I stumbled upon your blog just after my nephew passed away at the age of 34 from a heroin overdose. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. He was very much a flower child, free spirit and Deadhead. I think he had a hand in guiding me to you. His od was accidental but something my entire family expected for many years. That fact doesn’t make it any easier to accept. Reading your blogs has helped me see things from a different perspective and I just wanted to say thank you. I wish you the best in your journey to sobriety and hope you can find peace in knowing that your boyfriend is no longer in pain. That’s one of the few things that helps me.

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    1. This showed up on my Facebook memory today. I’m so glad you found the light in all darkness. You put words together and they flow so well, glad you put your talent to use. Stay strong baby girl I’m rooting for you all the way in Japan.

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  2. Im heart broken. To love an addict of any sorts is painful. Im in love with a person whos addicted to their ex who was the most poisonous being ever for them. This person will be the death of them and they dont see it…im scared they never will. Im terrified one day ill wake up and my world will come crashing down.


  3. Im currently with an addict whos fighting himself to beat it .. he developed it because he was on prescribed pain killers for years due to an accident. Your post keep me going I been trying to understand it for months i know I never will because it’s not something I’ve experienced. . I have spent over a month now asking any listening ear for advice i dont know if you’ll answer or even read this comment but incase you do id like to say your blog has been the closest to understanding than il ever get. Rooting for you ALWAYS!!!

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    1. To Brooke, who is in love with an addict. I suggest you get support and educated for your self by going to Alanon or Naranon, You might even try an open NA meeting. I have been to some of the best meetings. You will get ro gear the Addicts recovery story. Each ine is an amazing journey to recovery. You will learn so much about how not to be a codependent. You might be enabling your addict and not even know it. I started going to Alanon in 2012 because of my daughter’s opiod addiction. I stayed for me. I have developed a understanding of the importance to save yourself first. You didn’t cause it, you can’t cure it, you can’t control it. I like to add to the 3 C’s don’t contribute to it. If you don’t get an education on addiction you won’t be able to help them if or when they decided to get help. Let it being with me!!! One day at a time! I know it’s overwhelming but you will come out of this a stronger human being. God bless you!!!


  4. I love with a heroin addict, my son. I know I have been and still am, an enabler. I love my son so very much. He has been an addict for almost 20 years. He was clean for over two months because he was in jail, gets out, promises me he will not use, and overdoses, dies , and the paramedics did CPR and saved his life. I knew nothing of this episode because I was at the funeral home for my brothers wife because her mother passed away. As I was heading home, my son calls me from the hospital and says he needs me to come and get him. My heart sank and almost stopped when I heard his voice, because I thought it was going to be a recording for a doctor appointment I had that week. I was so hurt and upset after I found out he OD . I guess I just needed to get this off my chest because I don’t understand this disease and I’m trying my best to keep my son off this disgusting drug. Thank you for letting me post and get this out in the open. Good luck to all the parents and any loved ones that are going through this with an addict.


  5. hey…I lost my son on Christmas Eve. Sober for a few weeks, He was living away, in a sober house…until he bought from a stranger in a strange town. A few hours later, He died of an acute Fentaynol overdose…31 and swept away in one breath. He tried countless rehabs, detox’s….always wanting to run from the demon that ruled him. He says…it all started with a Vicodin prescription. I watched a healthy, non addicted person become a slave to Heroin. I still can’t believe he is gone from us. This drug is stealing our children, daily.


  6. Another great recovery tool is called Celebrate Recovery. Check out your local churches for this. This is the 12 steps with a biblical outlook. This program has saved my life in many many ways!


  7. Your story shook me to the core…I also am a recovering addict! I have almost 5 yrs. I was shooting heroin in bathroom stalls and begging people to sleep in their tents after my bf of 14 yrs (thought was the love of my life)left me homeless for one of our dealers…I walked around a shell of a human being…then I fell in love with my meth dealer! He loved me so much he said let’s get clean I never want to lose you. His health isn’t the best so we probably won’t have a long life together BUT we did get clean..and his health is getting better each year. We moved into a tent city, saved money and got a little place together in Seattle. Now like I said, It’s been 5 yrs in just a few days, no relapses. I can’t believe we did it after so many years of being so messed up. Thank you for sharing your story!! I would love to add you on Facebook if that’s ok?


  8. I am glad I came across this. I lost my dad in september 2016 in a fatal car accident and my mother was very ill so me and my boys packed up and moved to go help take care of her. I’m 25 and my whole life I grew up around addiction and my mom always tried to help me understand what it truly did. I just stumbled across your blog and it really hit home. My mom had been on pain management for years and I never looked at it as an addiction but it was. She wasn’t your typical addict in my mind but in all reality she was. She helped many people get sober. After I lost my mom my world has been upside down she died a month and a half after my dad and it was ruled an accidental overdose and I just wish I knew why and what she was thinking. I am so greatful to have stumbled across this because you are a person that gives the truth and hope. I just wish I would have known more and could have seen signs and saved my mom but I didnt.


    1. I’m so sweetheart. Please don’t put it on yourself, it wasn’t your job to save her. It was her job to save her. I promise nothing you could have done would have changed the outcome. I did save my boyfriend. Time and time again. From suicide and OD. But he still died. I wasn’t there to save him. It sucks but it’s not on you. My heart breaks for you but just know she’s okay now. Whatever was she was fighting is over


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