Excuses, excuses, excuses. 

I always used to get called the golden child. School was a breeze for me, my teachers always loved me and I stayed out of trouble for the most part. Sports came naturally, as did musical instruments. There wasn’t an activity or sport I didn’t do when I was younger. Soccer, softball and basketball were […]

Surviving Death 

The moon was our thing. If we were ever apart, we would pick a specific time of night and both look at the moon knowing the other one was looking at it too. It was my saving grace in rehab when I couldn’t fall asleep with him on the phone with me or in my […]

The reality of relapse 

I have 7 months and 19 days clean which isn’t a lot but isn’t a little either. I’m at the point where I have built a life way too good to lose but am also feeling antsy at times, as most addicts do in some point of their recovery. We get into this normal adult […]

My shitty 2016

Today I have 100 days clean from heroin. In a week, I will have the longest period of sobriety I’ve ever managed to put together. Now, most of you are here because of a blog post I made a year ago and if you have been following me since then, you know that my life […]