197 days later 

See the thing is, I have 197 days clean off heroin today. And i’m sitting here just smiling at that sentence because it is honestly more mentally satisfying to be able to say that than any shot of dope ever was. Sobriety hasn’t always been good nor will it always stay good because in all […]

My shitty 2016

Today I have 100 days clean from heroin. In a week, I will have the longest period of sobriety I’ve ever managed to put together. Now, most of you are here because of a blog post I made a year ago and if you have been following me since then, you know that my life […]

That new year, new me bullshit

You’re sitting on your bathroom floor cooking up your dope as midnight approaches. Youre probably promising yourself that next year will be different. You’re probably telling yourself that this is your last shot, your last bag, your last time going to cop. You’re probably looking into rehabs because this time you’re actually going to do […]

To be or not to be 

For those of you who don’t know, Dominic Mikal is and forever will be my best friend. I was lucky enough to have spent three and a half years with him as my boyfriend before he passed away due to the hauntingly tight grips of addiction. At the end of January, it will have been […]